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August 24, 2007



Kimberlee... you are amazing... and I love the music!!! The skeletons in my closet are a dancin!!!!


Your the only person I know that has a taxidermy Rat in a Victorian Bell jar. You're a kick Kimberlee!!

Miss Maddie's

Dear Kimberlee, It's always such a delight to pop by to see what goodies you've discovered!I think your little gentleman looks quite the dandy in his crepe paper collar.He's dressed well enough to attend the "Bloglandia Ball".You'll have to find out if they're serving cheese balls!! Susan


well this is almost too much...mr rat looks wonderfully delightful in his crepe paper collar...i love your style...

Sharon at American Harvest

Is there anything stuffed that you don't own? You are an eeeeeeeerie girl!!! Even the music fits the subject matter perfectly.

Donna O.

Ha! You KNOW how I feel about crepe paper collars!

Sweet Remembrance

Kimberlee...You always amaze me! Love the rat perfectly at home in the bell dome!

jenny holiday

Just fabulous fabulous fabulous!!! What more can I say!!!

xoxo Jenny


I just stumbled across your blog and I love it! It is just my style ;) I have been obsessed with rats lately, and I don't know anyone who owns a stuffed one. Very cool


well how did i miss this- how wonderful- oh my have you seen my mr robin- you have taken my breath away- fantastic-

Yvonne Haines

What is your email address????

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