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August 18, 2007


Donna O.

The pink shoes are my favorite, too.


Oh my! Every piece is a treasure! I can only imagine how elegant the woman who wore those shoes must have been...


The shoes are just beautiful - one can only imagine the dress that must have gone with them. I envision a chic flapper in something pink and beaded, sitting on the bed to rouge her knees and putting on the shoes. Of course, the bed doll would be holding court against the bed pillows.

Miss Maddie's

Ahhh the pink shoes with the beaded butterfly motif just divine!Shall we dream of the dance floor that they floated across as she twirled softly above... Never hurts to envision such loveliness does it?

Sweet Remembrance

Oh my...I am so in love with the shoes! You hit the jackpot for sure!


You found a treasure !!!!!
I'm jealous lol
I love theses pink shoes they are gorgeous.

Jenny Fillius

So this was the estate of a friend who passed away? Or did you go with a friend? Sorry to be so thick. Lovely items you scored.


what beautiful things!!! yes indeedy the shoes are my most favorite also, they are just lovely!!!


Good Stuff Kimberlee!
The slipper sublime!
The Little lady has a good personality!

Sylvia Anderson

Love the shoes, and all of your new treasures!! You have such an eye for finding the best goodies....and then arranging them in a way that they complement each other!

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